Maritime Services

US Handling Agent

Handling goods in and out of USA requires a high level of expertise, resourcefulness, and cost control. For TEU Global, safeguarding the interest of our partner agents and their business is imperative.

We are experts in the USA acting as your handling agent, working with leading NVOCC & 3PL’s, moving their exports to the USA, and booking their imports from US nationwide. Through our knowledge, expertise, and resourcefulness, we have enabled our global freight forwarding partners to improve their sales, credibility, and business performance. Our support is not just limited to turn overs but aligned with a larger catalog of services – from US Customs Brokerage, Domestic Trucking, Intermodal Rail Transport and Warehousing – we can handle any complex operation and offer an optimized solution to meet your customers’ expectations.

Freight Forwarding

From skyline to shoreline, TEU Global is your modern logistic partner and the way to shipment par excellence.

You will not just experience hassle free, cost effective logistic solutions that you deserve, but also feel our personal touch in every service to keep you delighted.  There is no magic – just a passionate resolve to empower your business with superior logistics, better resource management and access to competitive pricing. TEU Global has it all covered.

Our borderless forwarding services:

  • FCL and LCL Cargo
  • Ocean Cargo
  • Air Cargo
  • Cross-Border
  • Cargo Consolidation/Deconsolidation
  • Sea-Air and Air-Sea
  • Project Cargo
  • Door-Door Services
  • Buyer consolidation
  • Cargo Insurance

Customs Clearance

TEU Global simplifies the customs clearance for each consignment of yours, no matter how complex or cumbersome the customs rules are.

You will experience our unwavering precision and accuracy to make customs clearance process worry-free for every single consignment, linking you with the whole world.  We process the customs bond, provide classification assistance, dispatch your cargo for delivery, and offer you an online tracking product. Our team is doing this for over 25 years with a wide range of commodities.

Our full-range customs clearance services include:

    • Importer Security Filing (ISF)
    • Cross-Border
    • Other government agency clearance
    • Warehouse entries
    • Bilateral & Multilateral Trade Preference Programs
    • Remote location filing
    • Foreign Trade Zones
    • ACH and PMS
    • ACE
    • HTS classification

Cargo Insurance

TEU Global nurtures the trust it builds with its clients by assisting them in reviewing their risks throughout the supply chain and then getting the most appropriate insurance wrap for their consignments, through reliable underwriters.

Steamship lines, airlines, forwarders, NVOCCs and other transportation intermediaries are not liable for much if your cargo is lost or damaged in transit. Each one has a limited liability clause in their terms and conditions and this is where TEU Global makes available its expertise to help you clearly see the hazard exposure your consignments will be subjected to, and how specifically you can address each hazard.

And we will gladly support your reviewing buying/selling terms in knowing where the supplier’s responsibility ends and buyer’s starts.  Please pick up your phone and call TEU Global. 

Drayage and Domestic truck delivery

TEU Global provides unlimited inland transportation solutions that go far beyond just speed delivery. 

We have consistently invested in building a strong network of delivery dispatch teams in all major US ports and work closely with overseas agents to deliver the last mile trucking.  While we are busy addressing complex issues even at the oddest of hours, your consignments pass smoothly through all unforeseen speed bumps. And we never fail to keep your clients beaming with joy, because that’s how we can keep you contented.  Reliability, timeliness, cost effectiveness and resourcefulness are the keystones of our services.  

Normal services include:

  • Less than a truckload (Air and Ocean cargo)
  • Full Truck Load (Domestic trailers)
  • Special Equipment
  • Drayage/FCL
  • Project Cargo (oversize/overweight)
  • Local cartage
  • Distribution (from Warehousing)
  • Line-haul and intermodal

Warehousing and Distribution

TEU Global arranges warehousing and delivery solutions that work best for you and your client needs.

Our strong relationships with Warehouses ensures that we match the right warehouse facility with the client needs and nurture that connection with seamless flow of information and physical flow of goods. Our commitment to our clients’ supply chain requires that we have resources at hand to facilitate the proper receipt of their goods, inventory management, order assembly as well as routing and shipping of the goods as an add-on feature to the overall service package.

On accounts of our clients, we currently manage scheduled and impromptu deliveries to COSTCO, TARGET, Trader Joe’s, Burlington Coat Factory, WalMart, Belks, Variety Wholesale, Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond along with many other retailers.  

Our normal contract warehouses provide the following services:

  • Cross Dock transfers
  • Full inventory management
  • Pick and Pack
  • Light assembly
  • Repacking and sorting
  • Labeling/tagging
  • Order assembly
  • Domestic shipping to buyers
  • E-commerce

Purchase Order Management

Whether it is a major retailer who requires Just In time pulling of the goods or Amazon fulfillment center which requires drop deliveries to their DC, TEU Global manages the flow of goods from supplier all the way to US buyer or distributor warehouse. 

Leading retailer and wholesalers in USA have adopted top-of-the-line purchase order management tools to minimize their investment in inventories, and these companies work only with those suppliers who can ensure 100% on-schedule deliveries.  A single delay can end a supplier lane for good. Suppliers must work within their assigned delivery schedule at any and all costs. 

Managing the flow of goods with simple visibility tools is our clients’ real need.  TEU Global works with secure, simple to learn and transferable google sheets for PO management with a great success that are updated in real time by the process owner to be instantly visible for the clients’ decision makers. We have used these tools as a win-win formula for our biggest clients with thousands of containers per year and have not missed a beat.

Consulting & Advice

TEU Global makes available for its clients not just its own expertise, but also its professional relationships within USA, to maximize their profit margins and achieve a high level of operational efficiency.  And the best part, we don’t normally charge anything.  

Call TEU Global for more details.  You will be surprised how you can minimize costs without compromising on supply chain superiority over your competitors. 

Coaching and Training

Importers and exporters are required to use “reasonable care” while conducting business with US Customs and other government agencies. A blind reliance on service providers can often lead to unintentional violation and possible damage to your business.  US Customs is collecting more in fines and penalties than ever before and it is estimated that the penalty collections may far surpass the actual reduction in duty rates over the last decade.

In order to help our existing and potential clients, TEU Global has developed several levels of coaching and training modules that help clients learn from industry specialists.

Take a look at the module with the following topics to see if you or your staff is in need of some coaching. We strongly suggest that clients have their staff take this coaching class at least once and preferably once every few subsequent years to keep up with the changing regulations.

Import Basics (4 hour session)

  • What is US Customs and what does it do
  • How is duty calculated
  • How to classify the goods for US customs declarations
  • Documentation flow and Incoterms
  • Creation of import compliance manual
  • Preparation for US Customs audits or CF28/29
  • Shipping controls and reporting
  • Record keeping and compliance essentials

To schedule a session please contact your account representative or contact TEU Global.