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Guidance Videos

Which Incoterm
Works best for you

A Guidance Video-Smart
Deliveries to us Importers

What are Incoterms- What Supply
Chain Professionals Must Know

How to Claim
China Tariff

Nationwide Ports
Coverage in USA

FBA shipment
handling in USA

Handling Medical
PPE during Covid 19

What does an International
Freight Forwarder do

Shipment on
Customs Hold

US Imports – Wood
Packaging Materials

What is Certificate of Origin & Why it is Needed

Difference Between SLI & Forwarding Instruction for Export Shipment

Monkeypox Outbreak in The US Can Be Prevented by

What are Counterfeit Products That Cannot Be Imported in US

What is Verified Gross Mass and Who Provides it – Supply chain solution


What is Importer Security Filing

What is Electronic Export Information

What is
Courier Services

Difference Between
Drayage and Cartage

Marine Ports –
A Guidance Video

What Are The Special Requirements For Importing Into The U.S.

What Is Foreign Suppliers Verification Program (FSVP)

Difference Between U.S. & European Semi Trucks

News Archive

USDA Decides to pay
Farmers for Export

Ocean Shipping
Reform Act 2022

Congress approves Ocean
Shipping Reform Act 2022

Ocean Network Express to Implement Weight Discrepency Charge

Export Restrictions on Russia are Biting its Economy

US job Market Provides Hopeful Signs Against Recession and Inflation, But Other Data are Worrisome

President Biden
Signs Executive

US GDP Shrinks By 0.9 Percent in Second Quarter of 2022

Evergrande – World’s Most Indebted Developer

Why US Exports to China Continue to Suffer

Case Studies

Going Extra
Mile for Client

One of a kind service
provided to the consignee by TEU

What we Did-
Almonds Crisis

Save the Planet

Overcoming the Dangers of disposable plastic

50 Animal Species Making A Comeback In Europe

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in 60 seconds

Requirement for US Importers

Country Wide
logistics Network

TEU Global
Integrity as a core value

Convenience of real-time
documentation DSR

TEU Global Eficazes e
Economicas solucoes logisticas

TEU Global- Efficient &
Cost-Effective logistics solutions

TEU Global- C-TPAT Program
Brief Introduction

Requirement for US Truckers

TEU Global
Building Resilience

Attention all
Importers and Exporters

4th of July
Independence Day