TEU Global Profile Brief

With over 30 years in logistics operations, we are a globally operational 3PL company, with a highly reliable global agent network.  From freight forwarding and customs clearance to warehousing and USA based purchase order management, we provide hassle free, efficient logistics services inside USA with extra personal care.

We are ISO Certified, carry CTPAT membership, together with US Customs paperless connectivity.  We work with the most prominent international trade law firms in the US, which puts us at the forefront of today’s legal changes and how they affect our clients. We are recognized as one of the best managed firms by US customs officers.

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TEU Global - Why Our Clients Prefer Us

Many reasons for you to choose us, but the best – we love serving you way beyond your expectations.  You will really feel our passion to keep finding better ways to serve you and keeping your clients contented. 

    • Speed & Efficiency – Your every consignment, no matter how big or small or differently shaped, gets a dedicated team from TEU Global that covers everything from taking over in your country to delivering the way/when/where you want inside USA.
    • Trained Staff – We keep training and retraining our professionals to sail through challenges, big or small, like it never happened.
    • Responsive Interaction With Clients – We communicate well with our clients, in the manner they feel most comfortable with
    • Our 24/7 Readiness – We take extra care to listen to our clients intently and serve them and our service providers not only during business hours but after hours even if it’s the weekend or a holiday.

TEU Global – The Vision

TEU Global is established to be the global logistics standard, a first-choice logistics company for worldwide traders who consciously want the best-in-class logistics solution, to have their goods delivered across the ocean, air and inland, most efficiently and economically.

TEU Global – The Mission Statement

Our mission is to continuously invest in human resources and technologies so we serve our worldwide clients in the most efficient, economical and transparent manner. 

TEU Global – The Value Statement

We value our clients and the network partners the most, who provide us the opportunity to serve them in the best possible manner.  

We value our service providers and suppliers, who are instrumental in the delivery of top class services to clients and network partners.

And we value our human resource, the best assets we have on board, who provide highly personalized, seamless logistic services to our clients and network partners.

Our History – Always an Exciting Moment

At TEU Global we believe the history is still in the making.  Our Management Group has deep roots in shipping traditions since early 1990s. Right from the early days, TEU’s directors were focused on training and coaching of TEU staff, and they delivered the best services to our clients at just the right costs.

By 2010, TEU Global became a complete Third Party Logistic (3PL) service provider, having linkages within USA and many countries of Asia and Africa from where the shipments to USA originate.  Our Miami and LA offices added more depth in services during 2017-2018 period.

The year 2018 brought high rankings for TEU Global, in CTPAT review and ISO certification milestones.  We started moving forward to having our own local offices in South Asia, ASEAN Region and South America.

During the Covid-19 hit 2020, when the entire business world nearly flatlined for many months, TEU Global redoubled its ironclad efforts and delivered emergency medical equipment and supplies to American importers.  While global logistics businesses suffered hugely, TEU Global maintained its capacity growth momentum and bettered the previous years’ financials.

Around the middle of 2020, when Covid 19 Pandemic related adversity had peaked, TEU Global transformed its technology division into a profit center and launched it as a fully owned subsidiary by the name of SiPSAP Optimization (www.sipsap.us).  This company became profitable within a few months and is increasing its global footprint very rapidly.   SiPSAP has achieved ISO 9000 Certification and is an important part of TEU Global’s international growth strategy.

By the end of year 2020, TEU Global carved out an independent division by the name of TEU Domestic to serve the US based importers and exporters with the best 3PL domestic logistic solutions.  This independent division has also made a solid start and has shown very promising business in its area of expertise.

In the Calendar Year 2021, TEU Global came out punching with its creative problem solving in managing US Logistics side of the supply chain.  In post covid reset, we have a fair share of cliffs but TEU Global came out stronger, much stronger than ever before.

The stellar growth in our business has continued in the year 2022, but now we have added a marketing and corporate communication division through which we are actively investing in brand marketing, side by side with our reinvigorated business growth.

TEU Global has new horizons to make its mark on and will not stop growing till the sky falls.  For us, extraordinary is the normal.

How TEU Global Serves The Importers

How TEU Global Serves The Exporters