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United's Customer Service Improvement Goal Is Too Low (But At Least It Admits It Has A Problem)

http://asappharmacy.com/44/htm/xJPc/ United Airlines wants to be 12 percent better.


http://nyirplaza.erise.hu/article/354/a-hm-aktualis-ajanlata Yippee!


http://winevault.ca/?perex=cosa-sono-le-opzioni-binarie_ cosa sono le opzioni binarie_ One supposes we should be ecstatic that a U.S. airline is openly talking about trying to improve the quality of service they provide. But a closer examination of the underlying numbers – both those United reports to the government and the real numbers that make air travel these days a real beat-down – quickly leads to the conclusion that the party hats and favors should stay on the storeroom shelf.

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forex broker uk compare Parent United Continental Holdings scored several significant media wins in the last week by convincing reputable news organizations to report on its plans to make “The Friendly Skies of United” something more than an old advertising slogan about which fed-up travelers sarcastically joke. Good for them.

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web based binary option robot But there’s a big difference between executives talking about what they’re going to do to improve customer service and actually improving customer service.


their website United officials admit that their customer service in recent years has been unsatisfactory. Its customer service ranks at the bottom of the list of all U.S. carriers, the very best of which scores very poorly on the American Customer Satisfaction Index produced each year by the University of Michigan. So United is embarking on a campaign to make their customer-facing staff more friendly and responsive to travelers’ needs.

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http://lnx.autoinforma.it/index.php?limitstart=30 Of course, the mere fact that they have to launch a campaign to convince customer service professionals already trained in the efficient delivery of quality customer service that they should and could be providing better customer service illustrates just how difficult achieving such improvement likely will be. And even if United’s leaders are successful in that regard, it’s hard to see how uniformed employees smiling and wishing travelers a happy flight will change the attitude of travelers being charged sundry and annoying extra fees for the right to be stuffed into ever-shrinking seats with painfully little leg room and too little space to even open a laptop.

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